Score Modes Demo

This video demonstrates using the three scoring modes:

  • Game Mode
  • Point Mode
  • Advanced Mode

You can use Game Mode when playing a tennis match, to score game-by-game.

Point Mode provides scoring of each point, but without any details.

Advanced Mode provides scoring of every point (ace, let, serve in/out, etc.) with as much detail as you would like to provide.

Video Playback Demo

This video demonstrates using the video playback feature.

Tennis shots are recorded while viewing a match, and can be played back at a later time using the video playback controls.


  • Playback Speed
  • Show Trajectory
  • Accumulation
  • Show/Hide Drawings and Text
  • Show/Hide Players

Teams/Events Demo

This video demonstrates creating a Team, Event, and a player Roster.

You can create any number of Teams by selecting players existing within the app.

Rosters are created by selecting members of a Team. You can add team members more than once to a roster since they could potentially play both a singles and doubles match.

You can also copy rosters from previous events for future events, making event creation pretty simple.