We designed and built Tennis Score Tracker over the past three years to provide a way for tennis players to keep track of their tennis scores, as well as fans, to score tennis matches for friends and family. Coaches and parents also enjoy using this app so they can keep track of every tennis point.

Tennis Score Tracker started as a personal project to keep track of tennis scores using an iPhone. The idea came about when playing on a tennis ladder and needed a way to keep track of scores. After playing a long tennis match sometimes players forget what the score is, but with Tennis Score Tracker you can track your tennis score and send to all players right after completing a match. It's also nice to have a history of all of the tennis matches you have played over time.

After several version updates, users requested more features, including scoring for junior tennis matches, and the app grew from there to what it is today - a professional-level tennis score keeping app for all tennis players!

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